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Running sucks. And then it doesn’t.

In running on July 2, 2010 at 10:55 am

Yesterday’s run was turbulent. Didn’t want to lace my shoes up. Didn’t sleep well. Had alot of things on my mind and generally grumpy. Random thoughts from my run…

It’s cold!? I’ll run 3 miles and get it over with. Wish I was on my bike instead. Just don’t feel in rhythm today. Feel like coasting. Interesting how the sunlight comes through the trees here. The river is really high. Wonder if they are going to offer me that job I interviewed for yesterday? Birds are starting to chirp with vigor. Good for them. Why do I want a different job anyway? Really like the people I work with. Restless. Will I be able to run 1,000 miles in a year? Hell yeah, it’s only about 4 miles a day – give or take. What am I going to do when Minnesota turns to ice in a few months and it’s so cold in the morning that nose hairs freeze on contact? Impressive dog. I’m afraid he’ll eat my leg for breakfast. Hope the owner has a tight grip. Sunrise is spectacular. Maybe I’ll turn right and add an extra hill loop. I’m really powering up this thing. I love running when it’s not humid. Hi neighbor! So glad I ran today.

Right foot. Left foot. Repeat. Enjoy.

  1. oh! Love this! Sounds familiar. But then again, every time I’m out there running I’m wishing I’m cycling again. Really there is only so many times I can “mentally vision” my marathon finish line before I’m bored. 100 days to the Chicago marathon and then I’m totally shifting to Triathlon mode.

  2. It’s nice to hear your brain during a run. Sounds a bit like mine on a ride…

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