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In search of the endless xtracycle.

In cycling, good business on July 8, 2010 at 12:45 am

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Friends, I need an xtracycle. I first learned of these bikes from Cassi (aka @morebikes). If you haven’t seen her blog, do yourself a favor  and go there right now to read her daily adventures and see the big dummy.

I’ve searched craigslist/ebay but apparently everyone likes to keep their xtracycles and I figure if WordPress can sneak google ads on my blog, I may as well do some advertising myself.

Can you help me locate an xtracycle freeradical kit for my Bianchi mountain bike? It has been waiting patiently under the porch for this very moment 🙂 See below for an example of what we are going for (via BikeImages)

(photo via BikeImage)

and more via the Xtracycle Flickr. Thanks!

  1. …or at least I could use some cargo bike suggestions if you have ’em. Thanks again!

  2. Check with Ben at Milltown Cycles in Faribault, MN. I like his blog (tell him to register it on – I told him to when I saw him Sunday at the N’field Bike Races). His blog address is:

    If you come down to visit Milltown let me know and stop by to visit me 🙂

  3. I’d recommend buying the FreeRadical with the Longtail kit new from Xtracycle. It comes with the parts, cables, bits, pieces, etc. you’ll need to complete the conversion. I’ve been very happy with my Xtracycle conversion.

    I built my own stoker bars with a shimmed stem and chopped road bars, and built my own footsies from some scrap plywood.

  4. Ooh, you can also check with Mike at Mike’s Bikes in Northfield (507-645-9452). I’ve seen several xtracycles around town, saw one on Sunday, and Mike, Stu or Ben (different Ben than from Milltown) at Mikes will know where to find them. I can also put the word out with the local biking groups if you want me to.

  5. Hey, if you need one, (andyou probably do ;)) start savin’ the funds … it’s worth the price and then some.

  6. Agree! Yes, you definitely need one – once you have one, you will never how you managed without. Thanks for the nice shout-out, my friend.

    A word on conversion vs. Big Dummy … we have both, and have been extremely happy with both the conversion and the full frame of the Dummy. If you were to test ride them both within minutes of each other, you might notice a slight difference in handling/stability (loaded), but not enough to make a huge difference. There can be slightly more flex in the conversion (mine on a Surly LHT) when carrying a LOT of weight, but still functions beautifully.

    Also – this is one of my favorite videos to watch on Xtracycle lifestyle:

    Enjoy! 😀

  7. Before seeing @morebike’s Xtracycle I had never given them much thought. But now I know that I really want to have one. Good luck locating one for yourself and I hope to join you in that search one day soon.
    Actually, as soon as I’m living in a place where I can use a bike to get around for most of the year, I’m in.


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