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In cycling on July 13, 2010 at 11:05 am

Until 30daysofbiking I’ve mostly been a mountain biker type. Lot’s of things changed about how I ride in April thanks to this event, but mostly I’ve fully converted to urban biking. Here’s a tweet from last night that sums up why.

saxophone playing softly in the park. empty bench riverside. guy in waders fishing. rowers rowing. sweet urban #cycling

The thing with biking in the city is, like everything, the people. People sharing the trail… running off their work… with fishing poles on their bikes headed to the local fishing hole… practicing their saxophone in the park… with bike baskets… with peculiar bottles in brown paper bags… with bike bells…

Speaking of bike bells, I recently mounted a Bell bell to my Schwinn. I tried several locations on the handlebar but it was so big and awkward up there. So I tried something different, mounting it to the top bar.

I hadn’t really liked the top bar mount until last night when by accident hit it with my knee and realized it could be sounded with either my knee or hand depending on the situation. Brilliant!

Lesson from the bike: Try stuff. Try alot of stuff. You just might like some of it.

  1. Your tweet about urban biking reads like poetry. Maybe there’s a Bikerly Poetry book in your future.

  2. Good advice my friend. I’ve made a point in my life of trying out new things whenever I can, and it has provided a lot of great memories and experiences.

    A few more genius ideas like the knee knocking bike bell and we’re in business.


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