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In cycling on July 20, 2010 at 11:48 am

I’m no master of simple living. Most the opposite actually, but I think the bike is teaching me a thing or two.

Recent posts from Let’s Go Ride a Bike and shebicycles have made me think about simple pleasures and life on two wheels. The really important stuff. Simple stuff. These things I tend to discover on the bike — captain obvious moments… here’s one from Sunday’s bike ride (tweet):

couple years ago I’d be watching Meet the Press. today I’m riding my singlespeed in the mud (glad I figured that sh*t out)

My absolute BEST moments this summer have come on bike rides with the family — mostly with my son who this Spring mastered his balance and was able to throw away his training wheels. No gas, no parking fees, no internet charges, no admission fees… we discovered a couple tree forts by the river, so we haven’t even needed to pay out for building materials.

We ride used bikes that cost less than $20… fish with handed down poles from grandpa… fight enemy troops with laser gun sticks found in the woods… and let our imagination do it’s best work. Simple pleasures and our best time spent.

Today we bike to the tree fort, one day (I hope) we’ll be biking to the local patio for a fresh tapped Guiness.

  1. Beautiful. Sounds like a lovely way to enjoy life like a kid again. I want a tree fort 🙂

  2. I truly believe that simplicity is one of the keys to happiness. Great post, my friend. I’m loving the family bike rides as well. I can’t wait until our baby is old enough to get out there with us.


  3. I felt my blood pressure easing and my HR slipping to a new rest point just reading your post.

    Simple is best. Nice post.

    Now I have to find a tree fort.

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