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The stink of freedom.

In dailymile, running on July 27, 2010 at 9:58 am

Paint the porch, wha? Too busy running.

Freedom does not come without stink. It’s been about 6 weeks working on this challenge I started on dailymile — the Freedom Run. I am pleased to report that I am on target to make the goal of running 1,000 miles by July 4, 2011! I’ve found a great group of comrades to run with on daily mile, a little over 100 are participating in the challenge… but, there is this issue of stinky shoes.

I just purchased these Saucony shoes. Love them, but they smell like my old Saucs at week three! My wife is not happy and I’m getting strange looks at the gym when I zip open the duffel. I’ve never had this issue before so I posted the problem to team dailymile. As usual, they delivered. You just have to read their suggestions… some useful, some funny:

click on the image to add your 2 cents on dailymile

For now, my shoes sit next to the peas in the freezer and I rotate my shoes. Curious, however, how the peas will smell. And, if all else fails I’ll be taking Mark’s advice — roasting them over an open flame. #freedomrun.

  1. Most impressive – #freedom run, not the stink. Hah – I love the suggestions, especially Saucony S’mores! You almost have me wanting to run more. Almost. Maybe when the mercury drops below 80’F. šŸ™‚

  2. Something better work….I can smell them from here.

    Thanks for posting all the suggestions, there are some great ones. Let me know if the freezing works.


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