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Daddy needs a vodka.

In running, what the? on August 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Being a dad (or mom/husband/wife) isn’t always easy. Running around with the kids this week really tired me for some reason. Today: 15 miles on the run schedule.

I was wavering something fierce about the run. So instead of lacing up, I brewed some coffee and logged into dailymile, thinking just maybe I’d find the motivation needed to get out the door. Thankfully I received the reality check needed from Annalisa, Kelly and Brent (my favorite triathlete/olympic torchbearer from Kelowna). I also thought about Tim’s post about unplugging. What the hell was I doing on the computer when I could be outside enjoying the morning?

Preparing Scooby snacks for the run I thought of ways to make the run FUN. Could a shot of vodka be the answer? Uh-oh. On special occasions I’ll sneak some of the secret rocket fuel in my water bottle for a bike ride to the pond, but never before on a long run. Then I recalled passing up a shot of whiskey at an unofficial “aid station” during Grandma’s Marathon last year (they say you should never try anything new on marathon day). I decided to try it. As a training experiment. I’m not advocating vodka runs here, but it was not so bad. Fun even.

It’s a wonderful world once you get outside and start doing.

  1. My half-marathon PR came the morning after I carb loaded on 9 pints of Guinness at a party. Just saying.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    I’ve been to those beaches featured in the video. Nice.

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