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The best of #bikeschool

In #bikeschool, cycling on August 16, 2010 at 11:18 am

Last week Darryl @lovingthebike, Mike @egggman, and I launched #bikeschool. Short stories, lessons learned by bike – blogged or twittered using the hashtag #bikeschool. If week one is any indication, I think we are in for some excellent stories. Here’s a few of my favorites from week 1.

The best by @bikecrave

Return to the Elemental by @mtbgreg

#bikeschool (Secret Girl Stuff) by @annaphase

Old can be good by @T_Starry

For the win, my favorite comes from the #bikeschool dean himself – A Hero, Fallen by @lovingthebike. Sometimes the best lesson is off the bike. Happy Monday, bikers. Let’s make it a great week!

  1. Hey man, I’ve really been enjoying the bike school too. Thanks for the link! Let’s keep this thing rolling!

  2. Thanks for posting your #bikeschool favorites. I read them all and now have more blogs to follow and people to follow on Twitter. This is good.

    I plan to update my blog in the next day or two – warning: it might contain some #bikeschool lessons

  3. […] to read more from #bikeschool?  Check out the “best of bike school” for some truly incredible stories (and some great […]

  4. Well – how cool is that?! Thanks for tuning me in/turning me on to #bikeschool (I miss this stuff lately)… what a great idea. Great post, J (and thanks for including the pink bike!) C

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