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Who gets to establish the norm, anyway?

In running, what the? on August 18, 2010 at 11:08 am

Are you a wordophile, a wordulous wordie? I think it can never hurt to have locked and loaded on a separate tab (but, then I also like to pedal singlespeed).

Yesterday someone called me a deviant at the office. So I looked it up…

My co-worker was referrencing the clock. It was 39 minutes later than my usual office arrival. For good reason – a deviation from my morning run protocol.

The sunrise was the most incredible in a damn long time. It’s not every day you see something this brilliant. Departing from the norm, I took an extra left, then a right and discovered a new hill loop. 4 miles turned into 8, and I was 39 minutes late.

Which brings me to the bottom line. I was 39 minutes late and 3.9 times more productive than the day prior (having arrived 15 minutes early). Someone else can calculate the return. I’m going for a bike ride.


  1. anomalous, atypical, divergent, freaky, heretical, irregular, off-key, preternatural, queer, twisted, unorthodox, unrepresentative, untypical, variant, varying, wandering, wayward, weird


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