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jackblammer – the complete history

In cycling, what the? on August 19, 2010 at 11:01 am

Words define our world. Here’s how one word (jackblammer) was born:

Aug 11 (20:48)
@ev: This tweet is the number one Google result for jackblammer.

Aug 14 (19:00)
bikerly blog post: “jackblammer. jackblammer.”

Aug 17 (18:21)
@bikerly: I’m the king of jackblammer. Go ahead and google search it “jackblammer” #bikeagenda

Aug 17 (21:23)
@egggman: so @bikerly is #jackblammer a verb??? I had to jackblammer up that hill but it was worth it the singletrack on the other side was sweet???

Aug 17 (21:36)
@bikerly: wordies, please help @egggman & I come up with a definition for ‘jackblammer’. Free ham or something for the winner. tag with #jackblammer

Aug 17 (21:49)
@deaddisko: @bikerly @egggman I made a Urban Dictionary entry for #jackblammer. It’s awaiting approval…

Aug 18 (11:26)
@deaddisko:  @bikerly #jackblammer #itsofficial

Aug 19
bikerly blog post: jackblammer – definition of jackblammer

*follow the hashtag #jackblammer for more jackblammering*

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