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In #bikeschool, cycling on August 23, 2010 at 10:30 am
So much bike goodness on the web this past week I could barely get my biking and running in. I managed, but work had to suffer. Some highlights…

There were other lessons this week. It’s not always about the bike at #bikeschool. Thanks to @SaraSantiago for the best lessons of the week. I’m so glad to have found Sara’s blog. Everyone needs a hefty dose of jackassery served with a smile.

I’m also super happy @cyclelicious replied to my “Bikes as Art” comment, pointing me to rule 8. This is going to save me hours in the garage.

We’re leArning the wAy Along the wAy – live streaming right now at #bikeschool.


[editor’s note] – I found the email subscription widget this weekend so if you would like future posts emailed to you just click the button on the top right. BAM! It’s easy. Make it a great week.

  1. BAM….I’m feeling better already now that I’ve had my daily dose of Bikerly and #bikeschool.


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