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pancakes and ice cream

In cycling, running on August 25, 2010 at 6:31 am

Running and biking are simpatico — the ultimate yin/yang. When it’s too hot to run, I feel the cool breeze on my bike. When it is -20 below, I run.

Am I fast at either? Hell no, but I’ve worked on it here and there. To improve my run pace, I’ve tried restricting the food I eat, even the amount of *gasp* beer I drink.

I’ve run a few marathons – always had a blast – but never finished in a “respectable” time. I have an issue with keeping track of time. I also take issue with restricting stuff.

Life is a balance. I’ll keep running and biking. I’ll get those 1,000 running miles in this year. But, I’m having pancakes and ice cream.


*image via The Balaniferous Bicycler

  1. Just so you know – you’ve made me want to start running again. In the fall/winter, of course, but still… I think your 1,000 mile project is incredible. I’d guess it will buy you plenty of pancakes and ice cream. 😉 (btw – *love* the yin/yang graphic … I’d buy a tee shirt).

  2. It’s wine, lattes and dark chocolate for me 🙂

  3. Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream.

    That and Cinnamon Toast Crunch with chocolate milk. My cross country bike trip instilled just how tasty that combo is after a long 150KM+ day.

    • This time of year… ice cream FTW definitely! In the winter I bike for hot cocoa schnapps and beef stew 🙂
      Thanks for dropping in.

  4. love your blog and I love this post. I enjoy running and I have a bike that is collecting. I might just need to dust it off and take it for a spin after reading this. Thank you!

    • oh no. please don’t let your beautiful bike collect dust. inflate the tires and get her out there… please 🙂

      thanks for commenting.

  5. Nice one, dude. I really do wish that I could bring myself to running….it sure would be a nice cross training tool. But it’s only the bike for me.


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