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In cycling on September 1, 2010 at 12:53 am

My son will officially be a first grader this week. He grew so big over the Summer.

It seems crazy that just a few months ago we were able to take off his training wheels for the first time.

The other day we had one of those priceless dinner table conversations, a moment absolutely requiring archival here (the short version)…

me: Yum, what’s in this?
son: It’s stuff from the future, dad.
mom: I think someone’s been playing too much Wii.
son: Dad, it’s all stuff from the future. Good, isn’t it?
mom: I’ll bet you and dad unlocked some new worlds today on Wii Star Wars.
son: Yeah, I was daddy’s master, but he died alot. Can I be excused please so dad and I can go biking?

This Summer has gone so fast. I hate to see it go, and see him off to meet the teacher. I’ll never forget the confidence he gained from taking off his training wheels this Spring.

So many great biking adventures we took from then on… to the tree fort, the swings at the local park, Hy-Vee for a candy bar, and so forth. It’s been a wonderful Summer biking with him, my favorite cycling partner.

  1. Awwww….great post. With my Son learning how to ride this summer as well, I know how you’re feeling. He is my favorite riding partner as well and I can’t wait until we can go on longer journeys together.


  2. Ah yes, the jump into 1st grade…my son starts 3rd grade in a few days and my daughter is making the transition into middle school.

    I love this post. I’ll admit, I cried at the end.

  3. Especially moving, this one is. I love parents who really connect with their children – and I know you are one of those, in a big way. It’s a beautiful thing when he asks to be excused to go ride bikes … and speaking from experience, it’s one of those things you will share for a long, long time.

    My boys, now in college, are still my favorite riding partners. It continues to be a time together that we can laugh, have fun, and be part of each other’s lives.

    Many happy miles ahead to you and your family!

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