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In cycling, good business, running, seth school on September 8, 2010 at 11:19 am

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Some miscellany to report…

I’ve been riding my singlespeed 29er more lately. There are some fun cow paths nearby to explore and I’ve been taking advantage of the bulls being out of the pasture. I took this picture of a local Holstein cow — curious creatures.

Zappos. I ordered some new shoes and am completely amazed by their customer service. Have you seen their core values? Really something I tell you… even fun and weird. Go here –> Zappos Family Core Values

Values. Something about the change of season that makes you think about values, philosophy, strategy, etc. Seems a good time for re-engineering, re-imagining, re-something.

Running. I’ve been doing alot of it lately. September and October are perfect for this – love the crunchy leaves under feet.

Push-ups. I’m ¬†starting to do some and my pecs hurt.

  1. Cows – adore them, especially Holsteins, and this photo fascinates me (something about just the head hanging there – lol). Zappos – also a big fan; I can never figure out how I can order a pair of shoes at 11pm one day, and have them in possession by 3pm the next day? Values – ditto; autumn always makes me plot and plan. Running – just (re-)starting, and enjoying, thanks to your inspiration. Push-ups – well, you dropped me on this one. I should, but … bleh! ;))

  2. I’m not sure why, but I like cows as well. It seems like every time I pass by them on my bike I have to say Hi and see how they are doing.

    Yeah, I’ve heard amazing things from Zappos….the founder also has a book out as well that I’ve heard is very good. I can’t remember what it’s called.

    Work those push ups….remember, I am a personal trainer so if you ever have questions or want some advice just let me know.


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