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In cycling, running on September 14, 2010 at 11:53 pm

I’ve been plugging along on my running mileage, actually ahead of the game when it comes to the 1,000 mile challenge. Last Saturday (9/11) I was able to get in a 20 mile run. It was the  perfect day to run, remember all that has happened this day and reflect on things I’m grateful for.

I sat down a couple times to type out some thoughts, but the words never seemed to fit until my son (the 1st grader) shared a lesson tonight. Here’s the lesson:

Everybody has an imaginary bucket. Your bucket fills up if you take care of others. It empties if you are a bucket bully.


flickr credit: Hugger Industries

  1. From the mouths of babes … Wonderful! I am sure your bucket is full to overflowing.

  2. Now that is some good wisdom. Tell him, Thank You.


  3. […] by bikerly| Leave a comment My son is in the first grade. He likes to teach random lessons (see bucket bully). Last night he gave one of his best […]

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