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Grandma’s marathon

In running on September 30, 2010 at 2:16 am

Grandma’s marathon — it’s the famous Minnesota marathon held in June. I’m running it in October instead.

It’s sad to write, but this week my grandma passed away at 92, the last of my living grandparents. I remember all the good times I had with her… the piles and piles of chocolate chip cookies she made me. The fun secrets we kept. The time we spent just telling stories about the old days.

Life wasn’t easy for her and I know she hit the wall more than once in her lifetime. So when I hit the wall on Summit Avenue, somewhere around mile 20 of the Twin Cities Marathon this Sunday, I know she’ll be watching and cheering me on like she always did, “go Jimmy go”… and I’ll work through the bumps just like she did for 92 years.

This marathon is for you grandma. I miss you.

  1. What a noble cause! Last July I lost my grand-mere.. she meant the world to me and I miss her every day. I commend your dedication and drive. Good luck to you during your run and I’m sure your Grandmother will be smiling down on you.

  2. Sorry about your Grandma, Jim. I know she’ll be with you all through your marathon run.

  3. Jim, very sorry to hear this news. But I can’t think of a better memorial for her.

  4. Holy Cow, Jim….what a post. I know you’ll do her proud this weekend. Go get it Jimmy.


  5. Go Jimmy go! That is a sweet tribute.
    Good luck in the marathon.

  6. So sorry to hear about your Grandma. May the wind be at your heels.


  7. Dude, so sorry to hear that. It brings back memories of when I heard my last grandparent had passed on.

    Didn’t do anything as dramatic as a marathon. I just quit work early, picked up my granddaughter from day care and enjoyed the beautiful spring day.

    I’ll send special running vibes your way. Go get it man!

  8. Thank you, friends. It’s gonna be a 26.2 mile celebration with a pause on Franklin bridge to reflect… then the whoopass can gets opened. That’s the plan anyway, a negative split strong to the finish. Thanks!

  9. Dude, this is such a cool way to remember your grandma. Sounds like she lived an awesome life. Hitting the wall and making it through the bumpy parts is what life is all about. Good luck my man!

    • Thanks, Chris. It was brilliant, set a PR even: over 100 high fives from spectators and 3 beer stops. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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