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how to name your bicycle

In cycling on October 10, 2010 at 10:10 pm

I was curious today how we name bicycles so I asked this question on Twitter:

I received a number of really great responses. Click through this slide show to see them.

How do/did you name your bicycle? Comment below.

  1. Great question for Twitter. I wasn’t on much this weekend and totally missed that. It was great to read the responses you received, though.

    Man, I must be boring…I don’t have a name for my bike. I really need to get a funky one for the Madone.


  2. For me, mine are named by their “personality” (??) … In other words, my Xtracycle (which does all of the hauling), I named Tenzing – a Sherpa name – because it always makes me think of the amazing Tibetans who do all of the hauling for mountaineers on Everest.

    My city bike was just named Elizabetta, after seeing the beautiful and chic women on bikes in Italy.

    My road bike remains somewhat nameless; or, I should say, I tend to change my mind alot on names for her. (And yes, it is a “her”). I’m up for suggestions. ;))

  3. I had my grandkids named mine:

    Road bike is “Sonic”
    City bike is “Speedy Shopper”

  4. I should add this bit of naming advice –> @blueallez suggests the bike should tell you it’s name… if this doesn’t happen naturally “hold the pedal and ask softly”

  5. I have an IF that I used to call “Indie-” very creative, I know . Anyhow, it was stolen and was missing for about 8 months, but recovered. I left the country for a month on a trip to India, and found the bike for sale when I came back- shortly thereafter, we were reunited. From that day forward I renamed the bike “India.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I try to use as many letters in the name of the bike. So my Novara is “Raven,” and my old GT road bike is “Greta.” Then like shebicycles, it goes based on personality. So my Giant XTC road bike is “Xtina” but the Giant TCR road bike is “Christina.”

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