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Thursday Night #Bikeschool (9p EST)

In #bikeschool, cycling on October 19, 2010 at 9:00 am

A couple months ago @egggman, @lovingthebike and I blogged about
sharing lessons learned using the hashtag #bikeschool. The hashtag has
taught us a lot. Not so much on technical issues, but more about life

We’ve heard about kids flying free without training wheels and what
this has meant for the parent. There have been stories shared about
mountain biking, volunteerism, beer biking, icebiking, biking with a
family, and we’ve even had a couple Yogi Berrisms. It’s been amazing
and fun to be part of this.

We’d like to take #bikeschool to the next level. By all means keep
sharing your stories via blogs and tweets during the week using the
same hashtag, but beginning this Thursday, October 21 at 9p EST and
each Thursday through the rest of the year, we invite you to attend a
live 60 minute Twitter discussion moderated by either Mike, Darryl, or

We’ll identify the moderator each Thursday on Twitter at 9p EST sharp
using the hashtag #bikeschool. They will introduce a new topic or
question every 15 minutes to keep the discussion lively. If you follow
us on Twitter you know the discussion can get a little crazy. Expect
more of the same, but most importantly expect to make some great
cycling connections and have some fun.

So that’s Thursday night #bikeschool folks. Are you ready for some
cycling conversation? Questions? Contact @egggman, @lovingthebike or
@bikerly and we’d be happy to help.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In
practice there is.  — Yogi Berra

The technical details: 10 Steps to #bikeschool

  1. Thanks for popping in on my blog! Come back too, I love the community that can develop out here!
    Heading over to Twitter now to follow you back. I’m a runner who cross trains several times a week on a road bike, I might have some fun stories too!

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  3. Hi There ,
    Great to see You are getting people talking about cycling.
    I find, The more In talk about cycling the more I cycle..
    I will remember Thursdays at 9PM.
    Regards Steven @dialysiscyclist …

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