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In #bikeschool, cycling on November 2, 2010 at 8:44 pm

This is Eli’s bike (@esagor). I’m not gonna say a lot about it. I’d like you to help write this blog post instead.

flickr credit: esagor

If you’ve never commented here before, now is the time…

What do you think about when you see Eli’s bike? Bikes, politics, freedom, your crazy aunt Loretta – nothing is off limits.

Thanks for the great post!

  1. Freedom – on every level. πŸ™‚ (Definitely not my crazy uncle Ralph).

  2. I am an asshole, but the first thing I think is annoyance that everyone got these stickers and pins and whatever free things in exchange for voting. I was at the polls at 6 am — where is my prize??! I mean, other than democracy and the privilege of voting. I earned a sticker, dammit!

  3. What can I say about a four day visit to your United States just before election? Commercial!!! I now know how you are bombarded with good/bad publicity about every level of government. We definately are not all clean north of the border, but a couple weeks ago I had 2 local politicians greet me at the front door of my house, shake my hand and hand me information. Neither asked me for my vote but both told me to read literature from them and their counterparts and make a decision and drove home the need to vote. They both drove home democracy by using these words. Not sure I recieved the same direction from the TV ads I viewed in Ohio. I believe as you do that voting is important. I am not sure however what is the best way of getting yourself “out-there”… Sorry to anyone I offend with this post in advance!

  4. I voted. For bikes, beer and the American way.

  5. Eli’s bike – does it have a rear brake?
    The sticker on the bell might mean that the bike voted.

    If you were a bike, for whom would you vote? Unlike people, I think bikes would have multiple political parties to represent the interests of different kinds of bikes. Would your bike vote for the Degrease & Lube Party? Or how about the Chain Gang Party? Conservative bikes might like the Roadie Party while mountain bikes would favor the Singletrack Party.

  6. I say: you can’t change the future unless you take it on yourself and do whatever you can. That means Vote…Ride a Bike….Love your Family….Leave a Legacy….Do it Right Now.

    @bikerly for President.


    • Darryl, you were building such momentum. I rushed to the last sentence in search of the compelling call to action. Then… @bikerly for President?!?

      That’s the best you could do? Oh boy, I’m glad @egggman is on duty this Thursday for #bikeschool.

      PS I am (with help from @chmpgnepolitics) forming an exploratory committee for mayor of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota – 2025.

  7. I wore my “I voted” sticker to the track today. Did a ladder workout with it on the whole time: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 at 5K pace. If you can make a commitment to your workouts — to your sport, your passion, the things you feel strongly about in your life — surely you can make a commitment to taking a few minutes to vote.

    • What would life be without the opportunity to express opinion on something you feel strongly about? Wow… I love you crazy people! #justmyopinion

  8. I love good photos. And bikes. And I voted. Great post!

  9. I don’t know what the photo means but I’m learning a lot from the comments! I had a great day on the bike today and I was happy to have the chance to cast a hopeful vote.

    @KT, no rear brake, it’s a fixed gear bike. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, read Sheldon Brown’s explanation why the rear brake is pretty much unnecessary on a fixie:

    @bikerly for mayor! Thanks for using my photo!

  10. This picture reminds me that one photograph can encompass so much about a person and a culture. What this photo makes me think of is a world where security (the lock), safety (the helmet), individuality (the bike), and opinion (the sticker) are so valued. I think this photo captures that well.

  11. @dorothybitestoto WOW! I learned a long time ago that lots of others know me better than I know myself. But holy cow, I think you may have just nailed it, based on one photo.

    Jim, this is crazy. I definitely owe you a beer.

  12. An election is about the collective voice of individuals. Not about the masses. Politicians can spend all the money in the world (and they did) on mass media campaigns based on polling numbers. And the media can generalize the electorate into demographics to their hearts’ delight. But when it comes to the first Tuesday of every November, it is millions of individual voices who will be heading to the local polls – by foot, by car, by bike. To win support, potential lawmakers have to focus on their communities above all else – even if that sometimes means stepping aside from party rhetoric. In that respect, I think that all of the candidates failed in 2010 and they have a lot of work to do over the next two years. I am a progressive and my lawmakers have let me down. But if I was a Republican, I would feel the same way today. Yesterday was about money, campaign slogans and pandering. Not about what real Americans are demanding. If anyone wants to win my vote in 2012, it needs to be someone who listens to their community and to the collective voice of the individuals that makes it tick. That is what this picture embodies for me.

    • Thanks, Nicole.

      I don’t know what to make of it yet, but I do appreciate Obama’s introspective nature today. According to the news his mom studied anthropology – interesting. As I’m typing, my 1st grader is practicing reading lessons with my wife. Maybe someday he’ll ride his bike to a white house.

      Appreciate your comments! See you at #bikeschool.

      PS – go to Nicole’s blog “My Own Two Feet” for more awesomeness…

  13. Honestly, what it says to me is that Eli cares enough to use his voice in government. Nothing more, nothing less. I like that it doesn’t tell me who he voted for, if he is a Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent, or Tea Party supporter. I like that it shows the voice of the individual, rather than the voices of corporations who seem so frequently to run our country. I like that it’s hopeful, and conveys freedom, and makes the small seem bigger. That’s swell.

  14. “PS I am (with help from @chmpgnepolitics) forming an exploratory committee for mayor of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota – 2025.”

    That’s me! And given that I am rather unhappy with the aftermath of the elections here in California, I’m honestly considering whether or not a move is in order for my family….The photo gives me a sense of hope. No matter what happens in our individual states, or across the nation…no matter who lets us down, who disappoints, who wins or loses…no matter what 2011 may bring (sigh), the American people will continue to strive for freedom (to whatever degree that means for the individual). There is great freedom found in a bicycle ride…and by voting, we are saying that “the masses” is not who we are. We are individuals, on a road, wanting nothing more than the freedom to be ourselves.

  15. “America! Fuck yeah!”

  16. If you don’t vote, it just proves you do not have a clue how precious what you have is.

    I don’t care if your discouraged, I don’t care if you girl/guy isn’t gonna win. I don’t care if you think the system is corrupt and that your vote doesn’t matter.

    I do care for the number of people who have fought and died to earn and preserve your right. I do care about doing what we can to hang on to our freedoms and our future for our children.

  17. […] post. It’s a picture of a bike with an ‘I VOTED’ sticker attached. Take a look here. The readers’ commentsΒ are fascinating, and I urge you to read all the way […]

  18. I am also looking for nominations for Mayor “Lake Wobegon, Minnesota – 2025”. By then citizens from other countries should be able to rule non-existent areas of the unknown, USA πŸ™‚

  19. Nope, you should see my plans for integrated bike parks, on and off road running areas and sk8 parks. 223 miles of singletrack, and an Adventure Ironman course. Don’t forget the canoe/kayak zone. Oh and I am for the people too πŸ™‚

    • like I’m not for the people?! I see you will be a formidable opponent, egggman…

      • Not to worry, bikerly, we’d follow California Governor-elect Jerry Brown’s lead…let egggman inundate the people with his fancy (and good) notions of how to improve the city…let him spend his money and get the message out…and the people will grow tired of him. That is when we take the stage and hit the people with YOUR message. πŸ™‚

  20. I think about how badly I miss my bike all because I’m one of those “consultants” that tries to convince “the masses” to vote a certain way!

    You see, I’ve been working on a hard-fought campaign (we lost) for about 4 months and haven’t had time to ride my bike in at least 2. Now that it’s over, I hope to reacquaint myself with the pedals (Just as we start running out of daylight earlier, of course). I desperately need the stress relief and the freedom that a bike can deliver.

    And if you need another “consultant” in that Lake Wobegon campaign you plan on running with @chmpgnepolitics, I’m your guy. Pro-Bono.

  21. The whole idea of campaigning on the opposing teams blog was my first mistake. I will build my team, assemble large riding groups and we shall meet again to discuss relevant issues of 2025 πŸ™‚

  22. I wouldn’t know where I’d find the time to be Mayor AND your new boss. πŸ™‚

  23. Vanessa is cooler than me.

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