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In #bikeschool, cycling on November 6, 2010 at 2:28 pm

This weekend I saw a Toyota Landcruiser parked along the street outside the YMCA. My son had just finished up swim lessons and his swim buddy jumped in this old Landcruiser with his dad close behind.

I loved his Landcruiser and figured it had a story, so I told dad he had a beauty of a Toyota Landcruiser. It made him smile big and I thought, aha!, here comes the story…

Me: Hi! just love your Landcruiser. Toyota guy: Thanks, *big smile* I just recently painted her. See? It used to be red. A little rust coming thru, though… down here and along the wheels some. Me: Well, she’s a beauty. What year? How many miles? Toyota guy: 1988. Don’t know the miles, she’s been around a few times. Me: Wow! Where did you find her? Toyota guy: I’ve owned her since 1988, can’t remember the name of the place.

So glad I stopped to ask him about her. Toyota guy left me with the impression there was no way he would trade her in for a new one. I feel the same way about bikes… it’s hard to beat old steel.

  1. Jim, I don’t get it Toyota guys are fanatical, they shield their eyes from Jeeps and Chevys, but they always rob parts from them.
    As different as fly fishermen and golfers. but in the end they all admit its the remote wilderness or simply the outdoors that appeals to them.

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