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In #bikeschool, cycling on August 10, 2010 at 11:11 am

It was an arctic February day (-10 F) when I decided to get off the couch and go for a bike ride. It had been months since my last, but I was determined to kick Old Man Winter where the sun wasn’t shining.

Layers, face mask, goggles and gloves, I pedaled. My wife thought I was crazy. So did the neighbors. I loved it, and spent the rest of the weekend researching winter cycling gear. That weekend marked my addiction to icebiking. I continued biking through the Winter, taking pictures and facebooking the heck out of my adventures.

I also bookmarked a whole pile of blogs. It was a great opportunity to learn something new. Not the normal bicycle maintenance tutorials but stories about people, their bikes and why they ride them. After reading bike blogs for months I wondered if I should start one and be part of the story telling. So I asked some of my favorite bloggers why they did it. Most of their feedback is shared on my first post.

Months later, it’s a helluva lot warmer. In fact I often wish for snow crunching under my tires and a tug of hot chocolate Schnapps waiting at trail end. But, I’m enjoying the ride more than ever. I’m blogging about it and still love to read other people’s bike stories. I want to read them all.

That’s my #bikeschool lesson. There is no such thing as bad biking weather, only bad biking gear. Like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: “Into each life some rain must fall.”

Now head on over to Loving the Bike & The Old Singlespeed for more #bikeschool fun. And, here’s an important note so get your iPads ready…

If you have a bike story of your own – lessons learned through cycling – blog or tweet about it using the #bikeschool tag so we can learn together.

  1. Great #bikeschool post. I need to sharpen up on my winter riding skills and my attention to detail when writing. I could probably learn both from you.

    • e,

      can’t believe you didn’t tell me I misspelled couch in line one… “get off the coach”?

      yikes. it’s fixed now. learner.


  2. It’s amazing how three guys who didn’t even know each other until recently can band together, come up with an idea, and execute….all within a very short time frame. Makes you feel you can do just about anything, doesn’t it?

    It’s so great to be together with you on this and I look forward to continuing to build on this in the future.

    School is on.


  3. Just found your blog on Twitter. I write my #bikeschool lessons on my blog in story form, but I’ll try to condense some of them and post as tweets under this hashtag. Good idea.

  4. Cool! Thanks. Saw that you found me on Twitter, so I followed back.

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