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In good business on December 2, 2010 at 7:12 am

My son is in the first grade. He likes to teach random lessons (see bucket bully). Last night he gave one of his best lectures. As I was yammering on about a business meeting, superhero son appears and says…

“Dad! I know what you can say at your meeting. We gotta agree everybody. And make good choices.”

  1. wisdom runs deep in this family…very cool

  2. You took the words out of my mouth, Tim. He’s definitely got the @Bikerly Wisdom.


  3. I love how children see the simple truths in life. What a blessed Dad to have such a fine son! : ) They say apples don’t fall too far from the tree!

  4. Thanks Tim, Darryl, Aimee. I’m proud of my young jedi.

    This week he received jedi training at the Disney Jedi Training Institute. He has the official certificate, lightsaber and everything. You can imagine what is going on at our house this weekend.

    The force is strong in this one, although he still calls himself a ‘padawan’ learner.

    Thanks for the kind comments as always.

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